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Tuesday, July 16, 2024 05:55

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The Extraordinary Side of Aging
Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations

What if growing old didn’t have to mean being obsolete or over the hill? What if, instead, it meant being classic, venerable and wise? What if it meant writing the novel you’ve always wanted to write, or painting, or singing, or teaching, or traveling to a place you’ve always dreamed of?  In gOld, Harry J. Getzov introduces us to many of the extraordinary senior citizens he has interviewed from all walks of life as part of the Eldercation project he created to promote the concept of positive aging. These folks talk freely about lessons learned and wisdom gained and share their feelings about aging, demonstrating that life after 65 can, indeed, be passionate and beautiful. A precious treasure lies hidden within our older population waiting to be revealed. gOld opens the door to its revelation and suggests that it is time to change the way we think about aging and about our elder citizens.

Meet Harry J. Getzov – founder of Eldercation and author of gOld – through his writing and photographs as he travels along the scenic route. Harry invites you to take the next exit off the superhighway and experience life at a different pace – opening an opportunity to enjoy the many treasures presented along life’s back roads.

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